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Great-looking printed materials are a reflection of your professionalism and an extension of your brand. Our clients rely on us not just to create the best possible graphic designs, but also to ensure that the quality of any printed materials is top notch. A significant value-add that we offer is our print brokering and printing services, which save our clients time, hassle, and frequently money.

What is print brokering?

There are a lot of printers out there, and they all promise good quality, low prices, or rapid turnaround… or all three. A print broker takes a potential print job to multiple printing houses, and then evaluates the quotes to select the most qualified, best quality, at a fair price.

At G4G Interactive, we pick the right printer for each job: we don't price shop, we look for the printer who can provide the highest quality printing for a reasonable price. In addition, we have access to trade-only printers, broadening your printing options.

It's easy to get confused about your options for paper, printing processes, quantities, and so on. Let us make the job of choosing a printer hassle-free.

There's lots of good news about print brokering:

  • At G4G Interactive, we've built relationships with many of the best printers locally, regionally, and nationally. We know who can deliver the finest quality printed materials for each unique type of print project.
  • We have access to a wide range of print production equipment, so we're able to achieve the best results for our clients, whether they need a custom presentation folder, a mailer with a detachable return card, a multi-page booklet, a customized bag or box, or any other printed material.
  • We have exceptionally good quality control. On the rare occasion that something does go wrong with the printing, we work with our client and the printer to ensure a "make good" is done and we come to a quick, fair resolution.

The great news:

Using us as a print broker doesn't cost you anything above and beyond the cost of printing. Furthermore, we typically can quote you an equal or better price than you would receive from a retail printer.