What We Do

Greensboro E-Mail MarketingE-mail Marketing

Need help keeping your email marketing out of those pesky Spam filters?  Do your email newsletters look different in different email applications and/or browsers?  If you need to send out e-mail advertisements, e-mailers, and/or e-mail newsletters that get opened and read, G4G can help! 

Whether we design a template that you update and send on your own or we handle the entire process for you, we make sure your email communications are opened and read.

Here's how:
  • We help you write and/or edit your newsletter or ad so it's error-free.
  • We ensure your newsletter or ad looks right in every e-mail browser.
  • We avoid key words that are likely to cause your publication to get stuck in Spam filters.
  • We set up an account for you with an email system that allows you to track mailings and analyze open rates and responses.
  • We comply with all CAN-SPAM regulations insuring your message gets across the right way.