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From integrating keywords into your website for organic search engine marketing to setting up Google AdWords, we will help you make the most of the Internet-based marketing and advertising opportunities that drive traffic to your website. If you need a basic, cost-effective Internet marketing campaign, we handle it in-house with ease.  If we need extra support for a more complex online marketing initiative, we partner with experienced SEO, social media, and other web experts we trust.

SEO Effectiveness Audit

We can't stand the thought of our peers wasting money on ineffective SEO, so at G4G Interactive, we've developed a checklist that will assess how well your website is optimized for organic search engine results. We will:
  • Interview you to make sure your SEO professional has had enough time to get the results you expect.
  • Perform our independent SEO website optimization test on up to 5 pages of your website.
  • Thoroughly review the keywords, title tags, page descriptions, alt tags, H1 tags, word counts, and many other factors in successful SEO.
  • Present our findings to you electronically so you'll know what's working and what's not.
  • Give your professional a checklist of tasks to work on to help your website come up higher in the search engines.
But doesn't G4G Interactive offer SEO services? Yes, we do. And we do a darn good job of it. However, don't worry that we're going to be pushing our services on you. This is a no-obligation service we're offering simply to help you ensure the SEO done on your site is effective.

As professional graphic designers and web designers, we stand by the principles of the Graphic Artists Guild Code of Fair Practice. When anyone in our business performs shoddy work, it makes us all look bad. Our goal with this SEO test is to help our contacts ensure they're not being taken advantage of and they're getting the most bang for the bucks they're investing in their websites.

Call us today at 336-510-7467 or e-mail us at info@g4ginteractive.com to get your independent SEO review.