My Website Sucks So Yours Won't.

Hi, I'm Dawn. As my headline says, I tend to put my own marketing materials on the back burner so I can give my clients' projects the utmost attention. I'm like the cobbler whose children have no shoes—I'm a Graphic Designer who has a crappy website.

Give me a hollar at 336-510-7467 or email me. I'd love to put you on the front burner so I don't have to redesign my website :-)

Dawn Mitchell


I'm a Solopreneur with over 28 years in the advertising industry. I specialize in Graphic Design for print, web, and search engine optimization; however, my passion is design for print/digital. My favorite projects are Logos, Brochures, Sales Sheets, Handbooks, etc. I also hand-code HTML; however, coding responsive sites are my nemesis!! (I can create a mean nested table, though!) I've also dabbled with SEO/SEM throughout the years.

I consider myself a micro-agency since I have an expansive network of talent I pull in for different projects. For example, I use writers, photographers, illustrators, marketing professionals, etc. When you hire me, I'm your main point of contact and sole designer. I don't outsource—I do the work. 

My clients come to me to design professional marketing pieces for one-off projects, marketing pieces for start-ups, rebranding for existing businesses, or support marketing teams/companies that need an extra designer to hop in for a project or 10. My clients range from individuals to Fortune 500 companies; however, my favorite clients are medium-sized businesses with up to 200 employees or marketing teams. I've had clients who have been with me for 15+ years, so I love building relationships and getting to know my clients personally and professionally.

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